Welcome to the website of Prof. Yiliang Liao's research group!

Principal Investigator   

Yiliang (Leon) Liao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Iowa State University

Associate Editor: Journal of Manufacturing Processes
Youth Editor: International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing

 Our research interests are:

  • Laser materials processing, laser-assisted advanced manufacturing
  • Modeling of laser-matter interaction
  • Micro/nanoscale manufacturing, additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Advanced materials processing towards applications in soft robotics, energy storage, biomedical engineering, etc.


  • 06/2019, Presentation: Bo and Xing presented their research in MSEC 2019, Erie, PA.

  • 04/2019, NSF Fellowship: Rebecca is selected to receive 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.  Project title: "Enhanced Electroactive Polymer Actuators for Soft Robotics Applications". Total Award Amount: $138,000.  Congratulations!

  • 04/2019, Publication: Bo's papers are published in Scripta Materialia, Materials Science & Engineering A, Applied Surface Science, and Mechanics of Materials.  Congratulations!

  • 12/2018, NASA Funding: Development of Structural Metals with Superior Impact Resistance Using Laser Processing for Advanced NASA Applications, 10/2018-06/2019, total award: $50,000, (PI Y. Liao)

  • 11/2018, our research is reported on Nevada Today.
  • 08/2018, NSF Funding: CMMI-1826392, Collaborative Research: Photon-Enabled Atomic Drilling of Graphene for Supercapacitors, 08/2018-08/2021, total award: $500,000, UNR share $270,000 (PI Y. Liao, Co-PI Y. Wang)

  • 08/2018, NSF Funding: CMMI-1825739, Collaborative Research: Nanodiamond Particle Fabrication by Confined Laser Shock Detonation for Drug Delivery and Other Applications, 08/2018-08/2021, total award: $450,135, UNR share $225,135 (PI Y. Liao)

  • 08/2018, NSF Funding: CMMI-1809852, Collaborative Research: Microengineered electroactive polymer strain sensors towards soft self-powered wearable cyber-physical systems, 08/2018-08/2021, total award: $449,837, UNR share $299,865 (PI M. Aureli, Co-PI Y. Liao)

  • 08/2018, Publication: Xing's first paper is published in Powder Technology; Chris' first paper is published in Optics and Laser Technology, Bo's paper is published in Applied Surface Science. Congratulations!

  • 05/2018, Graduation: Rebecca received her bachelor degree with a high GPA (3.91). Congratulations!

  • 10/2017, NSF Funding: CMMI-1726897, MRI: Acquisition of Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscope for Nanofabrication and Characterization, 09/2017-08/2020, total award: $914,374 (NSF cost share $640,062; UNR cost share $274,312), (PI D. Chandra, Senior Personnel Y. Liao)

  • 10/2017, NSF Funding: DGE-1723814, Longitudinal Injection of Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Awareness into Engineering Curricula, 09/2017-08/2019, total award: $300,000, (PI S. Sengupta, Senior Personnel Y. Liao)

  • 08/2017, Dr. Liao (PI) received the research grant of $85,000 (Phase I and II) from SNOWLION US.

  • 08/2017, Profs. Y. Liao (PI), B. Li, L. Hung, P. Menezes received the funding support of $129,000: Development of Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, College of Engineering Differential Fee.


            Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Iowa State University
            3020 Black Engineering, 2529 Union Drive, Ames, IA 50011
            Email: leonl@iastate.edu        Office: Black Engineering 3020
            Phone: (515) 294-1325            Fax: (515) 294-3524

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